Profiles & atlases

JARO Consultancy has been involved in a range of collaborative projects where the main product has been an atlas or profile of a country or region. For many of these, additional outputs such as the key datasets, interactive online maps, booklets or posters are also available. We can handle all aspects of these projects from field-based research; stakeholder consultation; data collection, analysis and presentation; map production; writing and editing text; layout and design of the final print-ready books and associated products; to the supervision of commercial printing.

Website development

We develop customised websites for a range of purposes and organisations. Most of these have been for Namibian environmental organisations and projects, while a few are for commercial companies and enterprises.  They include sites with interactive mapping and graphing functionality, members'-only sections, calendars and online booking systems, forums and blogs, dual languages and more. A sample of these is shown here.

Data Management Tools

Much of our support work to environmental organisations involves the development of customised tools for data management and analyses. This includes aspects such as DISTANCE analysis of game count data, compilation of multiple data sets for setting of offtake quotas, support tools for monitoring and management of conservancy resources and income, tools for the monitoring of sensitive species and tools to assist with various aspects of project management. A few examples are given below.

App development

We develop customised Apps for Android and iOs devices for a range of purposes and organisations. Some are private apps (not shown here) while some are public. Apps can include options to record a variety of information types such as location, photos, text for data collecting and data sharing purposes.

Contributions to other projects

Support work to environmental organisations includes production of specific components such as maps, figures and charts for publications. A few examples are:

About us

The JARO Team

JARO Consultancy is a Partnership based in Windhoek, Namibia with two partners: Alice Jarvis & Tony Robertson.

Alice Jarvis

Alice has an Honours degree in Environmental Biology and studied Ecological Survey at postgraduate level. More recently she has completed courses on website development, programming and e-commerce. Her research background includes aspects of animal behaviour, animal welfare and distribution of Namibia's endemic birds.

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Tony Robertson

Tony has a BSc degree in Zoology and a Masters degree in Resource Management. In recent years he has completed several courses on programming with Visual Basic. He has a research background in animal behaviour, mating systems, population modelling and the status and distribution of endemic bird populations in Namibia.

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What we offer


  • GIS mapping and analyses (ArcGIS)
  • Raster grid datasets analyses (ArcGIS, Global Mapper)
  • Website development and design (PHP, MySQL, Drupal, WordPress)
  • Web database development and design (MySQL, PostGres)
  • Database development, customisation and automation of procedures using VBA (MS Access)
  • Application development (Visual Basic)
  • Desktop publishing (InDesign)
  • Image manipulation and enhancement (PhotoShop, GIMP)


  • Design, development and maintenance of websites
  • Spatial analyses
  • Publication-ready map production (Illustrator, MaPublisher)
  • Development of custom databases (Desktop or Web based)
  • All aspects of production of print-ready books, booklets, newsletters, factsheets, posters and flyers including writing, editing, proof-reading, layout and design
  • Overseeing of entire printing process
  • Data manipulation, processing, analysis and summaries
  • Acquisition, processing and georeferencing of satellite images

VAT registration number: 4942-782-015.

JARO Consultancy is a full member of the Namibian Chamber of Environment.