Atlas of Namibia

Atlas of Namibia

Mendelsohn J, Jarvis A, Roberts C & T Robertson. 2002. Atlas of Namibia. A portrait of the land and its people. David Philip Publishers

This authoritative atlas of Namibia has been produced with both the general reader and the serious student in mind. Illustrated throughout with color maps and striking photographs, it contains a wealth of information about the land and its people rendered in both graphic and cartographic form. Its coverage is comprehensive.

In addition to a series of topographical maps of the entire country, the atlas deals with Namibia's climate, geology, fauna and flora, land ownership and uses, human demography, economy and social services. Written and devised by an expert team, the text is informative and accessible, and the maps and photographs fascinating to look at. All in all, this is a book that will provide both useful knowledge and endless pleasure, and is the standard in its field.

ISBN 0-86486-516-3
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