The EIS: Environmental Information Service Namibia

The EIS is a free, online information resource for Namibia. It comprises several components.

The eLibrary

The eLibrary is Namibia's "one-stop-shop" for public environmental information in Namibia, both through providing data directly and by providing links to other sources of information. The EIS includes a large volume and variety of information and new information is being added on an ongoing basis. The development of the EIS was an initiative of the NamPower - Namibia Nature Foundation Strategic Partnership which was launched in October 2008, and provided funding to the EIS until 2016. Since 2016 financial support has been through the Namibian Chamber of Environment.

A lot of information exists which is currently not easily accessible. This includes literature, reports, GIS data and other environmental information. Often, finding out what information exists and then obtaining it is a long and time-consuming process The e-library component of the EIS brings together data and information from a wide range of sources with a user-friendly search interface. Once you have searched for the information you require you can then download it for free, if it is available. Anyone with internet access can use the EIS. It is of value to researchers, students, NGOs, government staff and more, both within Namibia and further afield.

In addition to the e-library component of the EIS, there are several other components. These include:

» the Photo Library

» the Birds and Powerlines Tool

» the Namibian Journal of Environment

» Atlasing in Namibia (citizen science)