Field Guide to the Trees and Shrubs of Namibia

Le Roux and Müller's Field Guide to the Trees and Shrubs of Namibia

Mannheimer C. Curtis B. 2009 Le Roux and Müller's Fieldguide to Trees and Shrubs of Namibia MacMillan Education Namibia: Windhoek. 526 pp.

[Production of all species distribution maps was done by JARO Consultancy]

Revised and expanded by Coleen Mannheimer and Barbara Curtis.

This long-awaited, full-colour photographic guide to trees and shrubs of Namibia includes descriptions of and keys to over 400 species. Many of the species, particularly the shrubs, are not covered by other tree guides for the region.

As far as possible photographs of every aspect of each plant - habit, bark, leaf, flower and fruit - have been included to facilitate species identification. Keys to families, genera and species are provided, as well as hints on field identification, habitat and uses. This is an indispensable handbook for plant enthusiasts in Namibia.

ISBN 978-99916-0-970-6