Namibia’s coast: Ocean riches and desert treasures

Namibia’s coast: Ocean riches and desert treasures

Robertson T, Jarvis A, Mendelsohn J & R Swart. 2012. Namibia’s coast: Ocean riches and desert treasures. Directorate of Environmental Affairs, Ministry of Environment and Tourism

Rugged, sometimes bleak or forbidding, and largely uninhabited, the Namibian coast is a fascinating and complex mix of richness and paucity. The warm and dry Namib Desert stands in stark contrast to the cold waters of the Benguela current which is so biologically productive. In combination, the ocean and desert provide a harsh and spectacular environment that remains largely pristine.

The book was produced for the Namibian Coast Conservation and Management project (Nacoma) project. In addition to the book, a series of 4 booklets was produced.

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ISBN 978-99945-0-016-1
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